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Client Background:

This is a brand in the nutrition industry, providing meal prep services to people looking to improve their diet. After struggling for months with high customer acquisition costs and jumping from agency to agency looking to find the right partners to grow their brand profitably, they decided to give us a try.

Within the first few months of working with us, we were not only able to solve their biggest problem, which was acquiring customer at a profitable rate but we were also able to scale their ad spend at the same time while maintaining margins!

The screenshot above demonstrates this as we brought in $113,940 in sales from only $10,885 in ad spend, resulting in a 10.47x return on ad spend!

Client Background:

This is a brand that was also struggling to make Facebook Ads profitable and so they were primarily relying on referrals and partnerships to grow their business before bringing us onboard.

When auditing their Facebook Ads strategy we noticed that they were missing a structured framework & proven strategy to execute on. As a result, the first thing we did when they brought us onboard was implement our proven advertising framework, which focuses on a specialized data driven advertising methodology.

The results above were the fruits of our efforts!

They were so happy with these results, we scaled ad spend the following month immediately.

Client Background:

This is a special case study that we're specially proud because of our ability to problem solve and turn things around when sales are down.

Prior to these results, sales were dropping rapidly for one our client and the ads were barely profitable. Our team took a step back to re-visit the marketing strategy as a whole and we noticed that sales were also down industry wide because of the season we were currently in.

We concluded that the best move forward would be to not "force" sales and offers down our audiences throat (as they were not interested in buying industry wide) but to instead nurture them through educating them more about our client's products (we heavily focused on UGC based ads, reviews & product demos).

Consequently, once the "down season" was over (a few weeks later), that audience we were building out was super eager and ready to by from us and not a competitor.

We heavily retargeted this audience with a strong offer and this resulted in a tremendous return on ad spend for our client at x24.65!

Client Background:

This is a brand in the women's apparel industry. Prior to working with us they were battling with increasing advertising costs and a strategy to scale ad spend while still being profitable.

When they signed with us, our first priority was to build out a clear data-driven advertising framework to ensure that we were using data to inform our advertising decisions, rather than simply "firing from the hip" with our marketing campaigns.

This strategy resulted in us being able to utilize data to clearly dictate our advertising decisions and led to us achieve a 40% growth in comparison to their previous year working with another agency.

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